Mr. Wolfgang Haslinger Mr. Wolfgang Haslinger
Dr. Haslinger holds a Doctorate of Law from the University of Vienna. Upon gaining admittance to the Bar in 2007, Dr. Haslinger joined the Neumayer & Walter law partnership, were he had previously been working as an associate.Dr. Haslinger specializes… read more
Mr. Johannes Neumayer Mr. Johannes Neumayer
Dr. Johannes Neumayer has been a practicing lawyer in Vienna for over 20 years.  Holding both a Doctorate of Law from the University of Vienna and a Master’s degree in Economic Studies from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Admini… read more
Mr. Ulrich Walter Mr. Ulrich Walter
Mr. Walter practices law since 1993, and co-founded the firm with Dr. Neumayer in 1997.  He holds a Master’s degree from the Law school of the University of Vienna.Mr. Walter’s main area of practice is business law, including company law,… read more

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