The Team

Mr. Wolfgang Haslinger Mr. Wolfgang Haslinger
Dr. Haslinger holds a Doctorate of Law from the University of Vienna. Upon gaining admittance to the Bar in 2007, Dr. Haslinger joined the Neumayer & Walter law partnership, were he had previously been working as an associate.Dr. Haslinger specializes… read more
Mr. Johannes Neumayer Mr. Johannes Neumayer
Dr. Johannes Neumayer has been a practicing lawyer in Vienna for over 20 years.  Holding both a Doctorate of Law from the University of Vienna and a Master’s degree in Economic Studies from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Admini… read more
Mr. Ulrich Walter Mr. Ulrich Walter
Mr. Walter practices law since 1993, and co-founded the firm with Dr. Neumayer in 1997.  He holds a Master’s degree from the Law school of the University of Vienna.Mr. Walter’s main area of practice is business law, including company law,… read more

Fields of Expertise

Our main practice and advisory activity is concerned with business law. However, we advise private clients and business companies equally. Through the varied and complementary specializations of each of our lawyers, our firm offers a broad and extensive scope of expertise.

From its creation and throughout its existence, our firm offers to businesses (both companies and individual enterprises) all services and counsels relative to registrations filing, corporate structuring, holdings set-up, and contracts. Through our own specific expertise in fiscal law and our contacts with local and international experts, our counsels include tax law planning to the setting up of a company.

In order to assist business clients in their day-to-day operation, we practice employment law, including representations before the labor and employment courts. We have extensive experience with collection and debt recovery procedures.

As attorneys of two banking groups, we deal with issues regarding the banking business, contractual banking law, and banking examination law every day.  We are thus able to counsel both business clients and consumers on all issues of investments and banking law.

The firm is also specialized in insurance law, both in matters of contractual counsel and indemnification litigation.  In addition, our office has a specific expertise and Dr. Neumayer is a published author in the field of insurance agency law.

Neumayer, Walter & Haslinger practice the law of intellectual property both in its classical interpretation (copyrights, trademarks, patents) but also in its more recent developments brought about by information technologies (software, domain name protection, etc.).  Dr. Neumayer is a published author in the fields of both IP rights and privacy rights protection, while Dr. Haslinger is a specialist in information technologies law.

We can assist with a variety of real estate law issues: we handle contractual transactions and land register filings, and also deal with tenancy matters.  We have long years of experience representing several property managements firms.  We also practice in the related field of construction law, representing both building companies (including subcontractors) and their clients. In our experience, the complexities of Austrian construction law and regional planning laws make the counsels of a professional real estate lawyer a necessity to both real estate owners and builders.

Relatively to tourism law, our firm is at the leading edge of this emerging field of specialization, being the habitual counsel of the Austrian Tourism Association and a legal advisor on legislative initiatives regarding travel law.  The firm not only represents travel organizations and tour operators, but also consumers in their compensatory claims for miscarried vacation trips.

Finally, our firm offers its clients professional solutions to questions of administrative procedure, administrative penal law, and public business law.  Our lawyers also handle representations before the Superior Administrative Court, the Constitutional Court, and the European Court for Human Rights.  In these endeavors, the firm enjoys the expert advice and knowledge of our external consultant, Professor Robert Walter, DDr.DR, hc.

  • Administrative Law
  • Banking Law
  • Business Law
  • Company Law
  • Debt Collection
  • Family Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Inheritance Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Labour Law
  • Matrimonial Agreements
  • Real Estate Law
  • Tax Law
  • Tourism


The Neumayer, Walter & Haslinger Law Partnership was founded in 1997 by MMag. Dr. Johannes Neumayer, who has been working as lawyer in Vienna since 1987, and Mag. Ulrich Walter who had been working as a trainee lawyer in the same law firm since 1993. Mag. Dr. Wolfgang Haslinger, LL.M., who had been working in the law firm since 2004, became a partner in 2007.

These three free-thinkers are united by their passion for handling challenging legal issues and their desire to offer the best solutions for their clients.

This partnership of experts, specialised in different areas of commercial law, allows the Neumayer, Walter & Haslinger team to offer professional legal services in a wide variety of fields of expertise.

Absolute dedication along with personal commitment to the clients has smoothed the way to success and allowed the team to grow, both in legal expertise and as a successful enterprise. In this fashion, the legal firm forms a competent and dynamic team, well prepared for the rapid economical growth and the challenges that the future may bring.

Neumayer, Walter & Haslinger is a co-founding member of the BALMS Group International ( Through this association, the firm can offer the best possible legal support even beyond the Austrian borders, offering their clients access to the counsels of an almost worldwide network of law firms. Regular, personal contacts among these partner law firms ensure that their clients are supported with the same commitment from them as from Neumayer, Walter & Haslinger.

Offering high quality legal support to clients is of prime importance to Neumayer, Walter & Haslinger. To achieve this goal, the firm has access to a comprehensive legal research library, augmented by modern computer resources, and to a carefully selected network of external consultants and supporting tax experts.

The main aim of our actions is to further develop our skills and expertise, to ensure that clients receive the best support possible from partner firms, and to always give our clients the clearest picture of their file, while maintaining a transparent policy on settlements.

That is what Neumayer, Walter & Haslinger stands for.